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Expansionist Party of the United States

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In November 1997, the Expansionist Party ("XP") created its first website, on America Online, without our own domain name. Later, we took our own domain name and transferred our materials to www.ExpansionistParty.org. Recently, we have decided to move our very large site from one webhost we were unhappy with to another webhost we hope to like better. But we have become acutely aware that many of our pages are seriously out-of-date, so need substantial revision.

Rather than simply put up outdated pages on a new server, we are reviewing ALL materials before putting them onto the new webhost. This process will take some time, because not only do we need to review all texts (some 60 webpages) and revise many, but we also have to move hundreds of illustrations and check links both internal to our site and external to other websites that offered, at the time, useful supplemental information. Many of those sites no longer exist, or have themselves moved, and have to be tracked down.

[Animated map of U.S. territorial expansion]

We will be putting up first the webpages that require the fewest revisions — some of them for being the shortest, with the fewest illustrations — and those that seem most important to what we presently regard as our largest potential audiences (for instance, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Britain, and the Philippines). To the extent that illustrations intended mainly to add visual interest rather than information in themselves, would delay us, we will put up text first and show placeholders for where illustrations will ultimately go, rather than wait until we can insert all of the multitudinous fotos, flags, etc.

[Animated map of U.S. expansion, past and future]

Animated map courtesy of XP member Bill Lansing, Lewiston, New York

We will place notice on this page as to what pages are now available, and whether they are on Tripod or our own domain-name website.

If you have specific questions about XP's program that cannot wait for the 'new, improved' ExpansionistParty.org, please send us email.

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